Website for the Créteil local branch of the CGT Éduc’action

Screenshot for Website for the Créteil local branch of the CGT Éduc’action

The client wanted an overhaul of the public part of its website as well as a reorganization of its contents on the admin side, this second task was meant to facilitate the first in terms of navigation and clarity.

The content of the site before the overhaul was managed by the CMS Spip, we decided to keep it while adjusting the database to fix some bugs resulting from a previous update of the CMS.

The thinking on the content led to a reorganization into three main sections accompanied by a system of keywords groups. The three categories (News, Info & Contact, Your Rights) reflects the way the site is mainly used by its visitors. The system of keywords groups allows both a thematic sorting and a user based sorting (depending on their status or level of education as part of the National Education system). This system allows greater flexibility for a future reorganization of the content (including possible reforms in Education) without requiring major changes to the public interface.

The development part consisted in the creation of plugins the for CMS (including the contact form) and some web integration with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript around the system of “skeletons” of Spip. The site was designed with responsive design technics to enable a coherent display of the content depending on the screen width of the user. This design is facilitated by the use preprocessor Sass and postprocessor Autoprefixer.

See the website online.